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Types of Open Wounds

Types of Open Wounds

A wound should not be ignored, especially if it is an open wound. An open wound is an injury that involves an external or internal break in body tissue. Most open wounds acquired by seniors are minor and can be treated at home by personal care services, but even if the wound is not serious, it should still be treated immediately.

Open wounds at home are commonly caused by falls and accidents with sharp objects. That is why you should protect your senior loved ones at home by storing sharp objects in a safe place and following safety precautions in order to prevent unfortunate falls. You can treat minor wounds at home, but if you think that it needs the remedy of skilled nursing, you should contact medical care as soon as possible.

Signature Nursing, Inc. is a provider of senior care in Virginia. We aim to provide you and your senior loved ones high quality of life. We want your loved ones to feel safe and comfortable in their own home.

Because we care for your health and safety, and we want to promote home health in Chesapeake, Virginia, let us share with you more knowledge about wounds. Here are four types of open wounds:

  • Abrasion
    This occurs when your skin rubs against a rough surface.
  • Puncture
    This is a small hole caused by a pointy object such as a nail or needle.
  • Avulsion
    This is a partial or complete tearing away of the skin.
  • Laceration
    This is a deep cut or tearing of your skin.

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