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How to Make Sure Seniors Are Taking Their Meds

How to Make Sure Seniors Are Taking Their Meds

Medication adherence is crucial for seniors with specific prescriptions due to a health condition. Family members and primary caregivers have an essential part in this task. This is particularly important in a post-operative condition under the care of concierge nursing.

  • Educate about the prescriptions.

    Providers of Senior Care in Virginia should educate the family members and the elderly loved one about the significance of medication for fast recovery. They must know why the prescription needs to be taken, how long it should be taken, and what possible side-effects they can experience.

  • Put a label on the medicines.

    You have to name the medicine, indicate the dosage, and put the time when it should be taken. A provider of skilled nursing can guide you on how to organize your prescriptions based on the usage.

  • Create a daily routine.

    By establishing a day-to-day practice of medication compliance, your senior will get used to it. Reminding you about your prescription is one of the tasks provided under personal care services to make sure that you’ll get the best result from your medication.

If you need assistance with medication adherence and Home Health in Chesapeake, Virginia, you can contact our friendly representatives here at Signature Nursing, Inc. We strive to accommodate your inquiries as soon as possible. Please reach out to us anytime at 757-797-4334. We are your partner toward achieving optimal health and wellness.

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