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Elderly Care: The Importance of Wound Management

Elderly Care: The Importance of Wound Management

When we get older, our skin slowly loses its ability to regenerate itself. That is why a small scrape on the knee may take longer to heal for older adults. Properly caring for wounds is a crucial part of the healing process, regardless of age. For seniors, however, effective wound care is critical and is usually offered by providers of skilled nursing in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Likewise, here are the reasons why wound management is important for seniors:

  • Prevent Chronic Wounds

    A wound is usually caused by some sort of trauma. Regardless of the type of wound, there is a natural healing process that takes place. For seniors, however, this process can be slower to occur. Hence, applying proper wound care practices is crucial to prevent chronic wounds from developing.

  • Reduce the Risk of Infection

    Since mature skin takes longer to heal, it presents an ideal breeding ground for pathogens when the area is not properly cared for. Seniors who may have impaired mobility or are otherwise unable to care for their own wounds are at a higher risk of serious infection. With concierge nursing in Virginia, they reduce the risk of infection that can compromise their health.

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