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Alzheimer’s Care: Tips to Encourage Medication Adherence

Alzheimer’s Care: Tips to Encourage Medication Adherence

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that affects a person’s memory and thinking skills. Hence, many family caregivers experience challenges in administering medication to a loved one with Alzheimer’s. As a provider of concierge nursing in Virginia, we will discuss helpful tips to encourage medication adherence:

  • Develop a routine.
    Speak to your loved one’s pharmacist or physician to determine how the medications should be taken and how often. This information will make it easier to establish a routine, so your loved one can get used to taking the medication daily.
  • Consider a different dosage form.
    In some cases, resistance may be caused by discomfort. If your loved one has difficulty swallowing pills, consider asking for a different dosage form. An agency offering personal care services can also assist with administering the medication.
  • Use simple, clear language.
    When administering the medication, speak clearly and provide a calm environment that is free from distractions. Using simple language will make it easier for your loved one to follow instructions while a calm environment reduces resistance in taking their medication.
  • Seek professional help.
    In many cases, hiring skilled nursing in Chesapeake, Virginia can ensure medication adherence in individuals with Alzheimer’s. Through the assistance of healthcare companies, like Signature Nursing, Inc., people with Alzheimer’s receive the most effective care to maintain their health and improve their quality of life.

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